Capturing Action and Motion

One thing I learned for action and motion is to slow down the shutter speed. I the shutter speed is too fast its not going to show enough movement. If its slow you don’t need your subject to move very much. Another thing I learned is to secure your camera. If you don’t secure the camera everything else is gonna be blurry along with the subject. Another tip is to try shutter priority mode which allows you to set the shutter speed yourself and have full control. Having a small aperture can also be beneficial if there is too much light. Sometimes the camera will adjust the aperture when you choose shutter priority mode. It is also recommended to decrease your ISO. This can be useful to compensate for the extra light that was let in. A higher number will make the camera more sensitive to light and if you want it to be less sensitive you can lower the ISO. Another tip is to try a neutral density filter. These filters minimize the amount of light that passes through which can be useful if […]

All About Me

This collage shows many things that I like. In the top left corner I have leaf because I love fall. Next to it I have a skateboard because I enjoy skating with my friends I can’t really do that no more cuz of covid but I do miss that. To the right of the skateboard I have the Marvel logo because I love Marvel movies and shows, they were a part of my childhood I remember being obsessed with watching Spiderman movies when I was a little kid. Above that I have the logo from the show “Daria” and it’s because I really like watching this show its pretty entertaining and even though its not very eventful I still like watching it. I also have Daria’s best friend Jane on the right of the Daria logo because she is my favorite character. A bit above and to the right of Jane I have a Sanrio character because Sanrio characters are so cute and I liked them a lot as a kid. In the middle I have A camera because I love photography, taking pictures, and […]

America’s Top Photographer

Episode 1: They are all very creative and have amazing photographs. They are out of their usual comfort zone because for example Roxy shoots beautiful people posing and she’s going to need to shoot someone who fences. I feel like I would also feel nervous because they are being judged and people are watching them. There’s a long thought process because they need to capture a great picture while being timed and, they need to capture they’re personality and get comfortable with the people. This shows me how professional photographers are because and how they work which I’ve never seen before because I’ve never been to a professional photographer. The judging is nerve racking though because you’re competing against the other people. Roxy won the first challenge and I really liked it because it was different and creative. Andrew was eliminated because he didn’t connect much with miles. This taught me that we need to be connected with the person I’m photographing a lot more.   Episode 2: In this episode they’re going to be shooting a model’s campaign. Roxy is a lot more familiar with this and is happy that this is something that she usually does. She chose Alina as the model. Chris was the last one and didn’t […]

Framing a Subject

I do think that I have strong composition because I have good a lot of leading lines and creative framing. I think that I did pretty good at editing my photos because I think that I edited out the stuff I didn’t want pretty good and I was able to make the lighting a lot better in the last picture. I maybe would have shot a different person for the last one because since she’s a toddler she moves a lot but we’re supposed to be social distancing so I don’t have many options besides my family. Yes I do think my photographs belong on the blog home page because I believe that I used good composition and some are very creative.

File Formats

JPEG is a more known file format and are compressed quickly resulting in them being lower quality than they originally were and its less storage on memory cards. TIFF is usually uncompressed which means they will be higher quality and save as bigger files, therefore taking up a lot more space on your storage. RAW is a better option if you want the best file because it will have good quality, but it will also take a lot of time to edit and will take up a lot of storage. DNG is a file format created by Adobe to create a standard raw file across all cameras which will allow you to easily process them on Lightroom and Photoshop, but it might take quite some time to convert the raw files. PNG was made in the 90s to be ideal to use in the internet and it has goof image quality, but one downside is that the quality will not be good enough to print in any size. BMP was invented by Microsoft so that it can be used on the Windows platform and it […]

Space Rides-Surrealism

This surrealism photograph is by Shawn Marie Hardy and it really inspired me. I love how much detail is in this image and how creative it is. This inspired me to think out of the ordinary and add whatever I want even if it seems like it wouldn’t make sense. I also love that it is in space because I really love stars and planets and all that stuff. There is just so much going on in this picture and I really like that. All his work that I’ve seen has a lot of detail and its just so colorful and really eye-catching. It’s also a vintage picture and I really like vintage and retro things so that’s also another thing that really caught my attention.

Digital Camera Modes

Automatic Mode: It automatically chooses the shutter speed, ISO, aperture, white balance, focus and flash. It can help you to get the best shot possible according to what you’re shooting. Portrait Mode: When you choose portrait mode it will select a large aperture which will bring your background more out of focus. Portrait mode works best when you’re shooting a single subject. Macro Mode: Macro mode allows you to get closer to your subject in order to be able to take a closeup photo. Focusing can be more difficult on macro mode. Landscape Mode: Landscape makes the aperture smaller to make sure you can capture everything in the distance. It also caused the shutter speed to be slower so it would be best to get a tripod to make sure the camera will be still. Sports Mode: This mode allows you to photograph moving objects like people running and something with a lot of motion. This increases the shutter speed in order to freeze the action of fast-moving objects. Night Mode: This mode is used when shooting in low light situations. This makes your camera […]